Our story…


This wonderful story began in 1997, starting from a micro business, whom, just 20 years later became the French national leader in the maintenance of surgical and rigid endoscopy instruments of any type and of every make.

I started my professional career in the technical support, later passing to the logistic support. This strengthening my technical knowledge and my new competences, passionate for communicating effectively and the inter-change of ideas. Quickly I consolidated my experiences by joining the commercial team.



In 2006, after many years serving my costumers, located mainly in greater Paris and on other major cities, my professionalism, dedication and rigor allowed me to be part of the board of directors, leading the commercial team at national level. Success came naturally to me.

At the same time that I was carrying out the mission of managing our commercial team, I always concerned myself in keeping an eye on our relationships with our suppliers and partners, guaranteeing the continued relationship and normal evolution. I also was very active in implementing the quality control program and certification in our company. This allowed me to maintain a permanent connection between the business evolution, the day to day reality and the evolving needs of our costumers.

Other than the daily management of my team, access to public tenders and also the technical support, I also thought that it is essential to have the knowledge of all processes of the maintenance of every make, with the final goal of guaranteeing our costumers our flexibility and reactiveness, reinforcing our ability of adapting and listening to their needs.



In 2017, I have created my company, a new name, a new entity, a new breath but the same old intentions: the satisfaction and trust of the companies and different stakeholders in the health sector.
Since 2018 until today, my company’s strategy is focused essentially in Europe and internationally.

Now, my team and myself are at your disposal, at your service so that we can, together, create a new page to this beautiful story…

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